Severed Sons

Spelljammer Ep 2; Like A Star Moth To The Flame

July 13, 2023 Severed Sons
Severed Sons
Spelljammer Ep 2; Like A Star Moth To The Flame
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Show Notes

Spelljammer: The Light of Xaryxis

Episode 2: Astral Rain

Bunbo the Haregon Cleric and Heato the Autognome Artificer are joined by Magickway the Floating Magic Rabbit, Starric the Astral Elf ranger, and DeeDee the Koobler Elf on their quest to discover who is behind the planet destroying vines!

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Thanks to Wizards of the Coast, Roll20, DnD Beyond, Monument Studios, and thanks to Syrinscape! Theme Music by Ron Murphy

Because Epic Games Need Epic Sound!
Episode Credits

Ron Murphy – DM, @ron88keysRBDM

The Spelljammers are:

Bunbo - Claire Clauson, @femmesloth
Heato – Paul Gary, @thepaulgary
Magickway - Jaiden Ramirez, @foxtrotfallout
Starric - Josh Helgeson, @joshinaround88
DeeDee - Matthew Quattlebaum

The Spelljammer Dugout

Xarshoon – Zach Burrell, @zachburrell10

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